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You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalm 56 v 8

Death of a loved one, a cancer diagnosis, a crumbled career, infertility or baby loss, life altering diagnosis, broken homes, family estrangement, abuse, chronic illness, tragic accidents - there are few people who have not been touched by sadness, loss or grief in some way.

Bringing comfort at a time of sadness, grief or loss is both a hard and joyful thing to do. Journeys of sadness are rarely short lived and it can be difficult to know how to support someone and show them that we care throughout the whole journey.

These teardrops are my hearts response to that problem. I have immensely valued the friends who have been willing to journey alongside me through difficulty and grief. They don't place a timeline on how I should feel at any point, they simply make me feel seen, loved, valued and ultimately held. 

This teardrop can be sent as a visual reminder that your thoughts and prayer will be with the receiver long after the flowers, sympathy cards, meals and messages have gone quiet. 

I can send the teardrop on its own or with a card and printed message. Just leave me a message at the checkout and your gift will be packaged and sent with love and care.

Approx 10 x 6 cm plus hanging thread. Each on is handmade so will have slight variations from the image shown.

This project was encouraged by Frog & Gnome who have included the teardrop in their "Little Box of Comfort" which has a wonderful tin of verses, carefully curated to bring comfort as well. If you would like to buy the whole giftbox follow the link to their website.