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Since launching my Glass business in May 2020 I have been privileged to be asked to contribute on a few groups, blogs and podcasts!

Follow the links below to read/hear these interviews:

The Middle of the Muddle Podcast - Join me as I have a chat with Anna and Jordan about the difficulties I experienced in the early years of motherhood, the lasting effect of social anxiety and how that ultimately led me to launch Orchard Art Glass! 

PODCAST | Middle of the Muddle


Creative Life, Happier Life Blog - It was a joy to answer Ellen's questions and highlight the ways that living a creative life has enhanced and enriched my life for the better.

When Faith Meets Glass - Amy Blandford (creativelifehappierlife.com)


HopeStream Worship

This band is full of Jesus Centred, overcomers who all have an amazing story of redemption and restoration to tell. Their album has been fully funded so you can request a FREE COPY from their website and listen in all the usual places.

I'm privileged to call them friends and several of their songs have influenced my work. The song "Day will soon be here" spoke to me a great deal about the journey we take through difficult days and helped me form my Teardrop ornaments.

I may have sung a tiny bit of backing vocals on one of the tracks too :)