About Me

Hello! I’m Amy, designer and maker behind Orchard Art Glass.


I live in beautiful Cumbria with my family, having recently relocated from Somerset. I launched Orchard Art Glass from our utility room early in 2020 and am currently converting our Garage into my new studio.  I spend my time creating my core range of gifts, as well as working on commissions and bespoke projects.


I draw inspiration from quotes, songs, and stories, especially those with an encouraging message.


 In glass I see a constant theme of beauty from brokenness, refining through difficult process and a medium that responds to the light around it, reflecting the beauty of this created world. It is a wonderful metaphor for life and has given me the voice I have needed to reflect my experience of walking through many challenges, all while holding on to the hope found in my Christian faith.


I thrive on bringing ideas to life and love to work with a customer or company to create something unique. For more information on bespoke items please see my commissions page.