Folded Glass & Copper Nativity Ornament

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This handcrafted nativity ornament is created by encasing copper between 2 layers of fused glass with a wispy white glass backing.

The copper sheet is cut into the silhouette’s of 4 scenes from the nativity and placed at the corners of the glass sheet before fusing at over 800 degrees. The glass is then fired a second time to drape it upside-down and created the fluted shape.

Approx 11 cm square and 9 cm tall

You can use this piece to hold a tealight, fill with treats, or just enjoy as an ornament.


When working with glass and copper I am looking to celebrate the natural reactions caused by the heat from the kiln. Each piece will be entirely unique as the copper reacts in different ways, taking on a combination of deep red and petrol blue hues. This is impossible to control so each piece will vary from the images shown. Bubbles are a natural occurrence around metal in fused glass and add to the charm of this hand crafted piece.

Looking for something smaller? I also have this design available as individual hanging decoration for the tree.